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Nutramar Tigrio Live Copepods

Nutramar Tigrio Live Copepods

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Nutramar Tigrio is a packaged culture of living Tigriopus sp. copepods. These copepods are an excellent source of nutrition for your marine aquarium inhabitants as they contain protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs). Besides being a great food for fishes and invertebrates, these copepods will inhabit the aquarium and serve the function of active detritivores.

Why Buy Nutramar Tigrio?

Each bottle of Nutramar Tigrio is cultured in house to provide the upmost quality and nutrition. The copepods erratic swimming motion will tempt many finicky fishes to begin feeding eagerly. This is an excellent food for filter feeding corals and other invertebrates. Nutramar Tigrio is cultured in purified and ozonized saltwater in a controlled environment.

Feeding Instructions

It is completely safe to add Nutramar Tigrio directly to your aquarium. Pour the entire contents into your aquarium and rinse the bottle with aquarium water to ensure all the copepods are added. Actively feeding fish will seek out the copepods when the aquarium is illuminated.

How to Seed Your Aquarium/ Refugium

Acclimate your pods by floating the bottle in your tank for 10 minutes. If you wish to establish an ongoing population, it is recommended to add the copepods to the aquarium when the lights are off or into a refugium. This will give them a chance to settle into protected locations. Dose phytoplankton to your aquarium to provide food for the pods as well as other filter feeding organisms in your aquarium (15-30 ml/ 50 gal each day).


Nutramar Tigrio should be stored at a consistent temperature below 75oF, and out of direct sunlight. This will prevent harmful temperature fluctuations and algae growth. Oxygen is consumed by the living copepods, and so it is recommended leave the cap open during storage. For long-term storage, it is recommended that Nutramar Tigrio be refrigerated between 40-50oF.

Ingredients: Tigriopus species copepods, saltwater (live culture).

Size: 4-ounce plastic bottle

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